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Maltipoo puppies for sale  California

We have placed our maltipoo puppies for sale in loving homes all over the United States, Canada, and we even have a couple maltipoo puppies abroad.  However, we noticed that we have consistently sold maltipoo puppies to families from California.

It is our hope that our name will begin to spread from family to family throughout the state of California, and that many people looking for maltipoo puppies for sale in California will find our website on the search engines.  We hope that California families will take time to view our website, look over our maltipoo puppies for sale, and give us a call to discuss our maltipoo puppies.  We are happy to take photos or video clips of our maltipoo puppies for sale if you are unable to visit.

We would love to be able to invite all of our California families to our home, but we realize that distance doesn't always make that possible.  People from California either fly here to Illinois to get their puppy, or we also hand deliver our maltipoo puppies.  My husband will fly with your maltipoo puppy in cabin for an additional fee.  The maltipoo puppies handle the flight very similarly to a car ride...they'll curl around and fall asleep most of the time.

We currently have past maltipoo puppies living in San Diego, Danville, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Yorba Linda.  We would like to find many other California families that are wanting to include a maltipoo puppy in their family circle as well.

 Anyone from California that has adopted one of our maltipoo puppies for sale can send us photos of their maltipoo puppy and a few comments on their experiences with their maltipoo puppy or in dealing with us, and we'll be happy to post those photos and comments on our Customer Comments page.

Nico is still doing terrific! He's been fully potty trained for awhile now, and we've taught [our maltipoo puppy] to ring a bell when he needs to go outside.  He continues to be playful, loving, and just a pure joy to have around.  It's been so nice to have an easy going [maltipoo puppy], who loves to be with people, and easy to travel with.

Take care,

Janice & Family
Danville, CA

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