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Customer Comments

Below you will find out what others, who have purchased my maltipoo or AKC Maltese puppies for sale, think of their babies.  If you have a Mystic Creek Puppy, I would be glad to post your thoughts about your puppy here.





I hope you and your family are well! Lily is doing amazing. We just got back from a 3 week road trip and I could not have asked for a better experience with her. She is the best {Maltipoo puppy} & just goes with the flow as long as she is apart of it. I canít believe how many facial expressions she has.  I found out she loves stairs with carpet of course. I tried to race her over & over and could never win, but I loved that every time she got to the top she turned around and waited for me. She is sweet, she is sassy & she is tough! She loves to run & play with her big brother & he adores her. They have the cutest relationship & they donít like to be apart from each other, ever.  They say pets look like their owners well when I saw the picture of our hair flying everywhere, I  agreed 😂. Lily brings us so so much joy. Thank you so much, I will forever be grateful!

 Pamela & Ray from California





We have been celebrating Miss Dixie today and wanted to share some pictures. She is very sweet and we love her very much!  Everyone we meet loves her and we are sure to let them know where to go for a multipoo!  But thereís only one Dixie and sheís ours!  Hope you are doing well!  

Sean & Kristina from Illinois





Hi Sara,While we eagerly await when the time comes we can take our next pup home I wanted to share with you that Moe turned 4 today!

He celebrated with his party hat and a pupachino! (plain whipped cream they serve in a tiny cup). Moe continues to be happy, healthy, and thriving.

We took Moe to Santa Barbara yesterday and I cannot tell you how many people quite literally stopped in their tracks to admire our little guy, this in a beach city that is always full of people with their dogs due to the great weather and wide sidewalks.

Moe continues to be one of the great joys in our lives and we look forward to many more of his birthdays!

Sam from California

Hi Sara - I hope you and your family are doing well! I just wanted to thank you and provide a quick update on Cami from Muffin and Timís August litter. Iíve renamed her Olive and sheís a healthy 6ish pounds at 6 months. Great personality and so adorable. She does well alone in her crate, when needed, and I couldnít have asked for a better puppy. Hereís a picture from this morning:

 Jain from Chicago




I wanted to share with you the latest photos of Remi aka Billie. Remi is now 7 months old and loves the outdoors! He loves his daily walks and play at the door park with his fur pals. [Our Maltese puppy] is so precious and is loved for his friendly personality. 

Tom and Sharon from California



Bentley is the first dog I have ever owned!  Finding Sara and Mystic Creek made this process so enjoyable and worth the wait!  I canít thank you enough for all your support and communication along my journey to find the right pup for me🥰

Nancy from Illinois



It has been almost five years that my wife Amy and I flew out to meet you and pickup the new member to our family, Sofia Isabella, aka Sofi.  Sofi is absolutely the best dog we have ever had and we believe much of this would be attributed to the care and nurturing you provided her and her mother from the beginning. Sofi has traveled everywhere with us, has been through the highs and lows together with us, and she is always the bubbling spunky sprite that keeps us smiling. And all 5 pounds of her!

Stephen and Amy from Connecticut


Better late than never to say thank you so much Sara for Emma. She is 19 months and such a special little dog. She is so sweet, loving, smart, and especially huggable. With the pandemic and being home much more, we know about everything there is to know about each other. I could tell immediately that she was something very special.  We bonded easily.  She was very cooperative and easy to train. I love her color and size, she is about 5 1/2 pounds,which is perfect for me. Everywhere we go, everyone wants to visit with her, which she loves. Thank you so much for Emma, and it was great to meet you and Jeff when you brought her to me in Florida. 

Mary Lou from Florida

        You cannot imagine how much love, affection, and joy I receive from my maltipoo puppy that you socialized and cared for before I finally met her and held her in my arms.  What was really so spectacular about you was that any time I had a question and texted you, there was an answer within 15 minutes. That included when I had my dog in my house for weeks and months and still had questions. You never put me off and you always gave me such wonderful advice. I loved and found invaluable all the information that you sent along with my Sunshine about her food, supplies that should be available, ways to toilet train a puppy, the way to crate her and keep her safe, etc. Jeff even flew into New Jersey and hand delivered her with extra wee wee pads, food, veterinary information, toys and travel bag. I was so thrilled that I think I even kissed him. Anyone who will use Mystic Creek Puppies can be assured of wonderful socialization and attention complete with knowledge and experience! My Madame Sunshine is a playful and even tempered and a friendly ray of sunshine in my life!

       Margery from New Jersey




Sargie recently celebrated Sargieís first birthday.

We love him so much and he has added such love to the family. He is asmart, kind, sweet puppy!!

We donít remember life without him.

Thank you so much for him !!


Gary & Roseanna from Illinois 




We thought we would give you a 1 year update on Jax (formally Billy). He will turn 1 year old on October 31ST. He is pretty much full grown at a whopping 3.11 lbs. He is healthy, funny, smart, playful and full of life! He turns heads everywhere we go. He is a fast learner and knows commands like sit, lay down and stay. He cuddles with us at night watching TV and in bed and he loves to play. He looks forward to his bath and blow dry time. He is the love of our life for sure. I follow your new puppy updates all the time and I am not convinced we won't have another one of your maltipoo puppies in the future! Hope you and the family are doing well. You certainly have made our empty nest not so empty!! Haha


Amy and Brett from Michigan





Thought I would send you a picture of Maizy as she is a year today. She is super sweet, gets into everything and loves her older maltipoo Ďbrotherí Charlie! We hope her mom and sisters are well. 

Lisa from Illinois 

Jazzy is happy as can be, and we love her so.  Since bringing her home, she has been cuddled by so many peopleómany of them children.  Your socialization of her shows!  She couldnít be more patient and sweet.

Kelly from Illinois



Thought you might like to see Tramp at 10 months, who is now Teddy.  Super little dog!  Everybody adores him including the vet.  Best personality and he stayed tiny like Winnie, just under 4 pounds.


Lynn from Massachusetts






I bought Casey from you around November of 2016, and I wanted to give a quick update!

He is doing very very well! Ever since I picked [my maltipoo puppy] up from the Sacramento airport, he has been the love of my entire life!!

He keeps me safe at night, comforts me when I'm lonely and cry, kisses me when happy, I love taking him for walks and every day we make new puppy friends!!!

My family also adores him. Even my mum and father, who were never a huge fans of dogs. Now they can't sleep without him! 😁 Even my professors and friends ask about him frequently 

My siblings are also crazy over him, they don't like going anywhere without him. He's in good health, never any issues. I certified him to be a therapy dog, as I attached the picture above, he's amazing!

Sara, thank you again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Casey changed my life and I don't know what I would do without him. He's my best friend in the whole entire wide world, you are an amazing breeder. Thank you thank you thank you for providing me the very best friend I've always needed, can't live without him. You're an amazing breeder, I tell my friends all about you

Nadia from California



Just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Crouton into our lives!!!  He is sweet, warm, friendly, smart and a great addition to the Koplovitz family!  I have attached a recent picture.


Crouton is a very popular dog and makes numerous human and canine friends wherever we go.  He has spent time in New York, California and Colorado this summer and has really enjoyed exploring the USA...

Koplovitz family from New York




Wanted to reach out and say hello and give you an update on Moe. He is happy, healthy, and thriving! We just completed his beginner obedience classes and Iíll soon be signing him up for an intermediate course. After that heíll receive more specialized training to become a therapy dog.


Moe is definitely the star of everywhere he goes and has literally stopped traffic more than once with people wanting to say hello or comment on how adorable he is.


He interacts well with kids and adults of all ages.


I canít thank you enough for the positive experience of selecting him all the way to picking him up.

The Greenes from California

Our sweet and lovable Penny turns 1 tomorrow and I wanted  to thank you for the blessing that [our maltipoo puppy] is in our lives. She has added so much joy to our home it is hard to imagine what life was like before she came. She and I have taken numerous classes at Heavenly hounds and she is such a smart good puppy-everyone loves her. My goal is to have her certified as a therapy dog- the trainers feel she has the perfect disposition. It will take a little more training. We are in no hurry. I love watching her learn new things. She is so eager to please. She is wonderful with my husband. She just instinctively stays to the side or follows his walker. For him, the sun rises and sets with Penny.

Thank you again for my little love.

The Bolans from New Jersey



Hi Sara! Just wanted to send a couple photos and an update on our maltipoo  puppy (Cooper) now Rizzo. 

He is just a little over 7 months and is doing so well! He is such a playful, energetic, sweet little boy who loves to snuggle! We just love him so so much! Right from the start he fit in so well with our family! The first day we brought him home he slept through the whole night and took to potty training almost immediately! When we first got him he weighed 1lbs.6oz. and is now up to a whopping 5 pounds! He is a great eater and loves his food. As soon as we put it down, he gobbles it all up!

When we first got him, one of his favorite things to do was to crawl up us and sleep on our shoulder or the top of the couch. He doesn't do this quite so much any more, maybe because he is getting so big! (haha) but he does like to snuggle and get right up next to you! 

He also loves to play. One of his favorite things is to play fetch with his toys, and he will play and play until he is done and will let you know by crawling up on your lap almost to say ok I'm done, time to snuggle! He also loves to go for walks, and all the kids in the neighborhood just love him! He literally runs circles around them, and let me tell you he is fast!

It's quite obvious you guys do such a wonderful job raising such playful, energetic, sweet doggies! So again from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You, Thank You for giving us this sweet little boy!

 Jen and Chris from Illinois.

Meyer family from Iowa





We want to thank you for letting us bring Cassie (Zoey) to our family. She has changed our lives .. for good of course ! She recently turned 6 months .She is very smart and I think she loves her new home here in Seattle . She is a very well behaved dog for this I give the credit to you guys for being such great breeders .   Thank you once again.

The Urcaregui family from Washington



LuLu is a perfect puppy 
Thank you, Sara! 

The Soucys from Illinois



 This is the love of my life xoxo

The Shefts from California





We are loving Baxter! He is a happy and healthy (and incredibly smart) puppy! I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo - this is from this morning. Thank you!  We love him!

The Florios from New York



I got Demi (now Chico) from Mystic Creek Puppies in October 2015. I'm a bit late writing you this update, but he's turning 1 year old tomorrow so I figured it was a good time to check in :) 

Chico is the best! From the moment we picked [our maltipoo puppy] up at the airport, he was so friendly, playful, and curious. He loves people and other dogs, but he's also very independent and loves exploring new places. Sometimes when I go to the mall I take him in a carrier and he loves to just cuddle in there and take naps, but as soon as anyone comes to say hi he'll jump at the chance to lick them and shake his tail. 

 We went to puppy obedience classes and he's so good at learning new tricks. My favorite so far is to see him "roll over". He also learned (amazingly fast!) to ring a bell to go outside. We had a good share of accidents in the first months, but he's potty trained now and so good. We also have a daily hair brushing and teeth brushing routine that he's great at. I'm teaching him to walk with me off-leash for bits at a time on safe paths and so far every time I feel I can trust him more.  

My boyfriend got his own puppy who is just a couple months younger, a miniature shar-pei, and they quickly got along great and play and cuddle like brothers. It is hard to watch movies at home now because it is often more interesting and fun to watch them :)

It took a long time to find a maltipoo puppy that I could bring home to Canada, but I really feel like in the end I got the best. Thank you so much for breeding such a sweet, smart, lovable puppy!

I hope his parents and family are all doing well. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime!

Angela from Canada



I just wanted to send you a quick picture of Bentley nearing his 1st

 birthday!  He is the best dog we have ever owned and is absolutely

 beautiful.  You are doing something very right breeding these maltipoo puppies,

 I constantly get asked about him.  He is very social (loves kids), has

 a fabulous personality, smart as a whip and just plain adorable!!

Lesley from Massachusetts


Just wanted to send you an update.  Heís doing SO WELL!

Heís getting really big (a whopping 3.5 pounds or so!).  HahaÖ

Heís suuuuuuch a sweet boy.  His personality is really coming outÖ

He loves to cuddle, loves tummy tickles and belly rubs, sleeps on top of my pillow every night, sits behind my recliner on the window sill with his head stuck out of the window when Iím working during the day, goes to Central Park &/or Lincoln Center once or twice a day for some play time, etc.  I found a great groomer who comes to my apt. every Monday to give [my maltipoo puppy] a bath and clean him up.  Much less traumatic than a crazy busy grooming parlor.    

 He also has an amazing diet.  Much better than my own!  Home cooked boiled ground chicken or turkey with a little kibble and lots of veggies and fruit.  He also goes crazy over scrambled eggs in the morning.  Bark, bark, bark! 

 Iím keeping him grain free for now, although he LOVES to snack on tiny pieces of rice cakes!   Very funny watching him crunch them with the back of his teeth. 

He snacks on dried apple chips, tiny pieces of rice cakes, little licks of peanut butter and chopped up fruit and veggies.  I donít give him any store bought snacks right now.  I just donít trust what theyíre made out ofÖ

He also loves his morning probiotics, coconut oil & fish oil.  If I let him, heíd drink the whole bottle of coconut oil!  And heís starting to let me brush his tetth.  I let him lick some off my finger, then I swish it around his teeth and then I stick the brush in his mouth and let him chew while I brush around.  His breathe smells like vanilla mint!  LOLÖ 

Debra - now from California


We are loving our [maltipoo] puppy and she has brought so much happiness into our home I can't thank you enough! She has had two vet check ups and is doing great!  She doesn't cry much as she has learned her routine, and my daughter has even taught [our maltipoo puppy] some basic commands (sit, paw, lay down)! It is amazing how smart she is!!

The Land family from Maryland



I hope all is well with you.  I wanted to give you an update on Milo.  [Our maltipoo puppy] is doing fantastic.  He has fit in nicely with our regular routines.  The kids love playing with him in the morning and coming home to him in the afternoon.  He is quite a smart puppy.  He's mastered how to sit and lay down on command.  He comes too when called, but only if he isn't busy doing something else.  He's learned to stay out of our dining room and his appetite for toes is diminishing.  Housebreaking is coming along.  He knows exactly what we want him to do outside.  He's gone to the door a few times to let us know that he needs to go out, but mostly at this point I think my husband and I are the ones who are trained.  When he's out with us, we typically take him out to the bathroom every hour.  Perhaps Milo doesn't go to the door more on his own because we don't give him the chance.  We have the occasional accident but I know we'll get there.  Milo loves his crate and is always happy to go in it.  By day he's ok being in there for about three hours at a time before he needs the bathroom.  At night he makes it about 8 hours.


Milo's a delight and a wonderful addition to our family. His personality is perfect.  He's willing to cuddle with me, and run around crazy with the kids.  Our favorite game to play with [our maltipoo puppy] is fetch.  You must have taught him how to do this.  We love it.  Milo is quite good at it and is getting better at actually dropping the toy at our feet, rather than making us work to get it back from him.


The eating is coming along.  We have days where Milo eats all three meals, and then we have days where eating just isn't in his agenda.  We did go back to the vet this weekend for shots, and he did gain 5 ounces.  Thus, I'm not so worried any more when he has a non-eating day. 


It's hard to believe that Milo has already been with us for three weeks.  I guess time flies when you're having fun.  I'm attaching a picture of him.  It was actually taken last week.  I think he's grown quite a bit since I took it.  Not sure how you always got such great pictures of him.  He's definitely not one for sitting still long enough to pose for the camera.


Thank you again for providing such a wonderful [maltipoo] puppy for our family.  I'll write again soon.


The Letts family from California



The Graffagnini family from New Orleans


Hi Sara. We just celebrated Jasper's 1st birthday on Aug 12th and wanted to send you a photo of [our maltipoo puppy]. We are absolutely in love with him and cannot imagine our family without him. He is the sweetest dog and has such a playful and loving personality. We cannot go anywhere without several people stopping us to say how adorable our [maltipoo puppy] is. We couldn't agree more!!!

The Bordo family from Illinois


I wanted to send an email to let you know how great Winnie is doing in her new home. [Our maltipoo puppy] is very energetic, gentle, playful, and loves to snuggle! She picked up on potty training within just a few weeks. She was shy with other people and dogs at first, but beginner puppy class really opened up [our maltipoo puppy's] personality and she cannot get enough play time now with other dogs big or small! Overall we are a perfect match and I couldn't imagine life without [our maltipoo puppy]!

Betty from Minnesota


I am forwarding some pictures of Rascal to you.  We are crazy about [our maltipoo puppy].  Rascal loves to fetch a couple of favorite toys and anxiously awaits for my husband to come home from work so they can play.  He also thoroughly enjoys going on walks.

 Thank you for sharing such a special [maltipoo puppy] with us.

 The Cherne family from California

OHHHH!!!  I couldn't be more in love with Molly.  What a wonderful [maltipoo] puppy.  She has added so much to our family.  And I can tell she came from a wonderful place.

She is sweet, loving, playful, curious, and just so cute!  She has come really attached to me.  She has to be in the same room I am in. 

We are working on house training her.  It is getting there.  We started  puppy school last week.  She is learning to walk on a leash, sit, stay and just be a good listener.

 Thank you so much for 'raising' such a wonderful [maltipoo] puppy.  I don't think I could love her more.

The Arendt family from Minnesota



I just wanted to send a quick email and tell you how much we love our little Pervis! We just celebrated his first birthday with a puppy cake- I can't believe he turned 1 on April 12th! They grow up way too fast! :)  Last time he was at the vet he weighed 6.8 lbs and he is a very happy and healthy boy! We couldn't have asked for a better [maltipoo] puppy! He is so loving and playful. He also took to potty training so quickly we couldn't believe it.  He's just perfect. Just wanted to thank you all again and send a quick update. I have attached a picture of Pervis on his birthday and then another we took over Christmas while visiting our families in Omaha, NE (that trip was also his first plane ride too!). [Our maltipoo puppy] brings [us] so much joy.                           The Loneman family from Illinois


We changed [our maltipoo puppy's] name because we had a Max in our extended family. I can't say enough good things about Baxter!  He is such a little clown with tons of energy and the cutest sweetest personality.  He's learned to walk on the leash, to sit on command, and is pretty much house-trained. [Our maltipoo puppy] is friendly with everyone he meets.  He is becoming very clear of what he can and cannot do and really wants to please. He has brought so much laughter and joy to us already.   I know a lot of [our maltipoo puppy's] wonderful qualities are due to you and the loving environment  you provided for him.  Thank you for that. I will keep in touch and send pictures as he grows.

The Austin family from Pennsylvania


Thought you would like see how cute Miss Daisy (Maltipoo) is at nine months.  She is a blond beauty. Very small in size, around five pounds and looks like a maltese with silky long hair. I keep a bow in the topknot so we can see her big black eyes.   [Our maltipoo puppy] is very smart, loves to play ball and run.   Obviously, we love her very much and are doing a great job spoiling her.  We're happy that we found Daisy, the timing was perfect since I was coming to Chicago the weekend she was twelve weeks old. 


I have put her picture on Facebook a couple of times and she gets so many responses.  Just wanted you to know that [your maltipoo puppy] is a happy little girl in North Carolina.




I wanted to share some birthday pictures recently taken of our Miss Daisy.

She turned "one" on May 29 and we had a small celebration.

She has been working on getting the pet therapy certification to enable her to share joy and specialness with others.  There is a senior facility near our home and the residents love for her to come - [our maltipoo puppy] brings smiles and laughter to otherwise sad faces. 


Her hair is very light now as shown in the pictures, but still has the red tipped ears like her dad.  Keeping her hair long is very high maintenance for me, but I wanted to get her 1st birthday pictures made before we go shorter.  She is a joy  and fresh burst of energy to our home. 


Thank you for your commitment and care to breeding high quality [maltipoo puppies].




The Willis family from North Carolina



I just wanted to update you on how Nico ( our Maltipoo puppy) is doing.  I cannot tell you enough about how happy we are to have him in our family.  Not only does he look absolutely adorable, but his personality is just as adorable.  He is exactly how we hoped [our maltipoo puppy] we would be . . . playful and friendly (but not hyper or yappy), adaptable to almost any environment, extremely patient, loving and affectionate to everyone, and loves to cuddle.  We're still working a bit on potty training (a few accidents here and there), but it's coming along.  He was worth every mile I traveled to come get him that's for sure!  ;) Thank you for honesty and thoughts on evaluating his litter's different personalities.  Nico is a terrific match for us.

The Fitzsimmons family from California

Of course she's (Maltipoo) adorable, gorgeous, lovable, snuggly and all around wonderful to have around.  My kids adore her, as do the neighbors.

The Ludington Family from California


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