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If you have a favorite online place to buy pet supplies, let me know and I will post it here.

Dog Harnesses Train a wide variety of dog breeds with a great selection of dog harnesses and Martingale dog collars from My Dog Collars including leather, ribbon and personalized harnesses.
Los Angeles Pet Sitters

Find a pet sitter search them by zip code. You can click on Find a Pet Sitter to search local pet sitters by zip code.

Dog Bath Tubs Do It Yourself Dog Bath! Ideal for travel, easy to erect and empty. A collapsible polyester dog bath, with collar to secure dog while bathing.
www.kellaclips.com Custom made collars and accessories
www.teenytails.com "Teeny Tails Pet Boutique" - custom made pet beds, snugglies and unique items for your pet companion.
www.petedge.com  My all time favorite spot to shop for puppy supplies.  Reasonable prices.  Specializes in groomer's supplies, toys, crates and exercise pets.
www.petsmart.com   PetSmart's Online Store.  You can find everything for your hybrid dog or puppy here.
www.petco.com   Petco's online Store.  
www.revivalanimal.com  Revival carries animal health products.  Here you will find vaccines, dewormers, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, etc.  Revival sells all health related products at a price 1/10th what you will pay at your vet's office.   If you wish to give your own vaccinations to your puppy, here is a good place to purchase them.
www.drsfostersmith.com     Doctors Foster and Smith carries animal health products as well as many pet supplies for Maltipoo, Yorkipoos and Yorktese. 
www.lambriarvet.com   Lambriar carries animal health products.  If your dog needs a prescription medication, have your vet write the prescription, and buy it here for a fraction of the cost.
www.premier.com  Collars, leads, harnesses, lifejackets, coats and beds.
California Pet Sitters

Find a pet sitter search them by zip code. You can click on Find a Pet Sitter to search local pet sitters by zip code.

 www.jefferspet.com  Jeffers is an online pet supply store that carries, among other things, toys, beds and treats.
Home Pet Safety Guide Pet safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.
Soft genuine leather Great Dane muzzles

Leather dog muzzles for Amstaff, Belgian Malinois, leather Doberman muzzles, etc.

Dog protection sleeves for efficient training Police sleeves and bite suits, bite sleeves covers.
Schutzhund K9 leather dog collars

Schutzhund dog training harnesses and muzzles, top notch dog bite sleeves and bite tugs.

Leather dog muzzles for safe walking and training

Choose leather dog muzzles for your dog among small dog muzzles, medium dog muzzles and large dog muzzles.

Cane Corso dog muzzles of top quality full grain leather Small dog muzzles, American Bulldog, Amstaff, Belgian Malinois muzzles, large dog muzzles and medium dog muzzles.
Specially crafted dog harnesses for different kinds of breeds Full diversity of high quality dog harnesses for different purposes: training, agitation, walking, pulling etc
Strong, extravagant handcrafted dog harnesses

Great variety of dog harnesses models, sizes and colors. Find the perfect harness for your beloved dog. High quality is guaranteed

Reliable metal training collars for your dog Best quality metal equipment for training, metal training dog collars
The finest quality original Herm Sprenger dog collars Exclusive design of dog training equipment for your dog 
Brand New Dog Collars For Different Breeds Plenty of leather and nylon, everyday training collars for all breeds. Unique handcrafted designs.
Elegant Dog Leashes for any Dog Activity

Looking for a certain type of leash? Visit our store and you will find best leather, nylon or chain leashes for any type of activity!

Pets and Substance Abuse Prevention This guide advises parents on how to prevent teenagers from drug abuse by giving them a pet. It also addresses ways to keep adolescents away from drugs and alcohol.
Smoking and Pets This is a guide on how smoking cigarettes, vaporizers, and electronic cigarettes near your pets is dangerous for their health.

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