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Customer Comments

Below you will find out what others who have purchased my AKC Maltese or Maltipoo puppies for sale think of their babies.  If you have a Mystic Creek Puppy, I would be glad to post your thoughts about your AKC Maltese or Maltipoo puppy here.



We just got home from our first Vet. visit.  Ivy is such a brave [maltipoo] puppy Ė she cried a little when she got her shot but all and all she did well.  The shot she got today was for lyme disease.  The vet said it is not necessary but advisable in this country setting that we live in.  In ten days we take Ivy for another one of her puppy shots.

The Vet fell in love with Ivy.  She couldnít get over what a sweet heart she is.  She said Ivy is in excellent health.  We are very thankful that we found your website, and ended up with the perfect [maltipoo] puppy. 

Tell your son it is very obvious that Ivy misses him.  She gets a special kind of excited whenever my nephew stops  in to play. 

We feel very lucky and blessed to have Ivy in our lives.  Thank you so much for sending us a healthy, loving, sweet [maltipoo] puppy.

I would like to send a picture and testimonial for your webpage.  We hope Ivyís brothers and sisters do the same so we can see how cute they are as well.  Just between you and me, Iím sure we got the best one in the litter!!!

Keep up the good work that you do!!!!

Nancy and Red Fowler from New Jersey


Just wanted to send you a picture of Bella. [Our maltipoo puppy] is doing great and is the perfect addition to our family Hope you are well!

 Jen from Illinois



Just wanted to drop a note about Boomer. He is just the best [maltipoo] puppy and we couldn't be happier with our new family member. He is great with the kids and loves to be held! The vet gave him a clean bill of health and commented on what an easy going pup he is! Thank you again!

Kelly from Illinois



I just wanted to send you a thank you for raising such a great little (maltipoo puppy). Oona (f.k.a Bella Ė didnít want her to get confused with the neighborís dog) just celebrated her 1st birthday near the end of March, and I really canít imagine not having her around, sheís become a great addition to the family. She always manages to make us smile and everyone loves having her around. Her training is going well, she is extremely bright, and she has picked up on things very quickly. She probably has us trained a bit too, but still learning a lot as pet parent (I probably learn something new every day actually). Itís been a great experience thus far though, so thank you again. I apologize that it has taken so long for me to let you know.  I have attached a few recent pictures.

Tammi from New Jersey



Just wanted to send you a Christmas photo of Tucker! He is the sweetest!

Thank you!

 Tucker from Pennsylvania


We are loving him!!

LeBlancs from Louisiana


I just wanted to give you an update on Sophie, [our morkie puppy] and let you know how thrilled we are to have her in our lives.  My husband and I absolutely adore her!  I'm sending a photo taken today, on her four month old birthday.  She had her first professional grooming a week ago.  Luckily I received a referral for a woman who comes to our home and grooms her right here. She was really good with Sophie and gave her an A+ for being such a good [morkie] puppy to work with.


It seems like we've had [our morkie puppy] longer than just six weeks.  I was concerned about having to ship her to us, but she arrived perfectly and once we got to our house, she seemed to know that she had arrived at her forever home. The three of us bonded immediately.  She's been an extremely good puppy. Thank you for the tip about putting a thin cover over her crate at night.  Since doing that about a week after we got her she's been sleeping through the night for about eight hours. Even the first night she was home, there was no whining when we put [our morkie puppy] in the crate and went to bed.  She just let me know once during the night that she needed to go outside.


She goes to our store with us every day and stays with my husband and myself in our small office.  So far she has not tried to go down the two steps from the office and we haven't needed to put up a baby gate to keep her confined, which is terrific.  Potty training turned around for the better once we started taking her outside on the leash to the same area of our yard and now she even lets us know when she needs to go outside. We haven't had any accidents in two weeks!


Thank you again for raising such remarkable [morkie] puppies!   I look forward to

taking her to some of the quarter horse shows with us and I'll be certain to

let everyone know she came from Mystic Creek Puppies!    


The Habighorsts from Arizona


We just wanted to let you know that Teddy, [our maltipoo puppy], has been a great addition to our family! He is currently 5 and 1/2 pounds at 4 months and is attending puppy training classes! [Our maltipoo puppy] is a very smart puppy and is full of energy! Teddy has learned to sit, stay, lie down, and paw. He loves the blanket that you provided for us! He still sleeps with it every night! I hope you enjoy this photo and thanks again for providing us with such a wonderful puppy! 

 The Chang family from Canada


Happy New Year!!!  I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful, fabulous Milo.  It's been 4 months and some since Milo came to us.  He's a ball of energy and tons of fun.  I remember you told me, that Matllpoos are smart.  Boy were you right.  He's pretty well housebroken, in our house.  Still working on him a bit when we take him new places. [Our maltipoo puppy] sits, stays, comes, waits when we open the front door.  He's learned to eat his food without walking around the room and leaving pieces everywhere.  Where his smarts really come in, is when he figures out how to jump on the bed or the couch.  He waits until someone leaves a stool, a pillow, or pushes the coffee table too close to the couch and up he goes.  I had asked you if he'd be able to get up on our couch.  While he's still too small to do it completely on his own, he's figured out his own ways to accomplish what he needs.  He's a wonderful cuddler, a fantastic fetcher, and we just love [our maltipoo] a ton.

I'm sending along a couple of photos.  The one with longer hair was taken after Thanksgiving, the one with shorter hair was taken just before Christmas.  As my kids put it, these are furball and non-furball pictures.  I'd say that today Milo is well on his way to being a furball again.  Probably good, since it's quite cold here in California (at least for us it is).  Milo was 4 lbs at his 6 month vet visit.  Not sure how much bigger he's going to get.  I have to imagine that he's got to be getting close to being full grown.  

As always, thanks for providing such a wonderful [maltipoo puppy] addition to our family!!!

The Letts family from California


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